Shoestring Budgets With Champaign Tastes

Casino Night Invitation

Casino Night Social Invitation

For those of you who, like me, are always attracted clients who desperately need a high-class solution on a SHOESTRING BUDGET…you know just how important it is to have an arsenal of vendors who offer cheap and cheerful solutions as resources that won’t break anyone’s bank! This is why I love! They offer great pricing on small quantities. If you are a graphic designer, you will know how to push those custom uploadable templates to the MAX. This particular client has no budget. They are non-profit and always, “need the cheapest possible solution.”

So, with a little creativity and an account, you can create an expensive-looking custom invitation on an $83 budget!!!

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🙂 Michelle

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  1. Cap K.

    I like the istockphoto idea. If you combine great photos with some creative typography, you can make beautiful flyers. Here is a good resource for getting started on your design: The key to selecting a solid online printing company is to have them send you samples and compare color quality and card stock.


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